The Problem...

When guests book through leading third-party travel sites like Expedia,, or Priceline and prepay for their stay, your property receives Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) for payment. These VCCs often hold unclaimed funds (guest checks out early, cancels their stay, changes room type, etc)

The Solution...

Our highly skilled team of OTA Auditors review EVERY previous hotel reservation you've hosted at your property. Once outstanding revenue is identified, Our accounting team process the individual VCC transaction, consolidate results and deliver a detailed findings report, as well as direct funds via Check/ACH. SOARR's OTA Audit services come with no upfront or out-of-pocket costs, (commission only-pricing) and absolutely NO on-property involvement....  Last year alone, SOARR recovered an average of over $7,000 per property in under two weeks from account onboarding.

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When it comes to OTA Revenue Recovery Efforts, we understand the importance of serving as an "All-Inclusive Partner"... Meaning, SOARR does 100% of the work to add revenue directly to your hotel's bottom line.

Each year, OTAs pocket over 260 MILLION from unclaimed funds "forgotten about" on "Virtual Credit Cards" linked to all OTA prepaid reservations. Whether it's a result from canceled bookings or early departures, revenue can easily be overlooked. Fear not, our team of seasoned auditors is dedicated to navigating the labyrinth of OTA Extranet Portals on your behalf. With their specialized training, they meticulously audit EVERY OTA reservation at your property four times annually, ensuring not a single penny of revenue slips through the cracks throughout the year.

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  • Step 1: Onboarding & Access - We Require ZERO on-property involvement. A Hotel's sole "Onboarding Step" is setting up OTA Extranet Portal access for SOARR 1 time. Our Onboarding Coordinator can walk you through the process. (est: 5 min) 

  • Step 2  "Total 360 Review" Begins - Once Access is granted, our auditors begin immediately, reviewing every OTA reservation previously hosted at the property, followed up by quarterly maintenance audits.

  • Step 3: Final Result Delivered - SOARR is the first and only revenue recovery service that truly "collects" the revenue we locate. Meaning, your "end result" is a check or ACH Deposit to add to your "Bottom Line"

** Compared to On-Property (Front Desk/Accounting Team) Recovery Rates

Client Success Stories 

Our management company contracted with SOARR and within weeks we had realized over $50K in revenue. Amazing service, very pleased with the findings, SOARR's communication and execution.

Eric M

VP, Management Group

Once SOARR started their audit, we quickly had thousands of unclaimed OTA revenue. Team was professional in assisting on property staff. Process is simple, nice to add a few thousand in top line.

Nic P
GM, Ohio

SOARR recently performed a proof of concept audit. As a new property we were skeptical that we had outstanding revenue. In a few days we had the results of $8.5K in Expedia uncollected revenue.

Don G
Owner, Texas
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SOARR Services is a proud supporter of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)
Our team is looking forward to connecting with AAHOA Members at upcoming conferences nationwide

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