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OTA Revenue Recovery

OTA Revenue Recovery Overview

What is OTA Revenue Recovery?

Each year, Every major OTA pockets over 260 MILLION DOLLARS from unclaimed funds left behind on "Virtual Credit Cards" linked to any OTA prepaid reservations.

Whether it's a result from canceled bookings or early departures, revenue can easily be overlooked, even by the best hotel operators ... Fear not, our team of seasoned auditors is dedicated to understanding the complicated world of OTA Extranet Portals on your behalf. With their specialized training, Our team meticulously audit EVERY OTA reservation at your property four times annually, ensuring every single penny of revenue is collected for your portfolio.

Features Overview

How The Process Works

Step 1: Onboarding & Access

We Require ZERO on-property involvement. A Hotel's sole "Onboarding Step" is setting up OTA Extranet Portal access for SOARR 1 time. Our Onboarding Coordinator can walk you through the process. (est: 5 min)

Step 2: "Total 360 Review Begins

Once access is granted, our team of auditors begin reviewing EACH OTA prepaid reservation at your hotel from the past year (by hand), followed up with quarterly audits on a continuous basis.

Step 3: Final Results Delivered

SOARR is the FIRST OTA Revenue Recovery Service that truly collects the revenue we are able to generate from an OTA Audit... Meaning, your "End Result" is a Check or ACH Deposit that can be added DIRECTLY to your hotel's "Bottom Line". Our Audit Team also provides a comprehensive report detailing where EVERY cent originated from...

It's ALL About The Numbers...

All Time Client Retention

... Our Hotel Partners LOVE US!


Average Amount Recovered Within 1st Year of Audits.

... Effortlessly Boost Revenue


Accuracy Rating on ALL Audits

... SOARR Has Multiple Layers of Audits to ensure we collect EVERY penny owed to our hotel partners.

Pricing Overview

Risk-Free Pricing Model

Setup Fees? NO WAY


Get Started For Free

That's Right, We NEVER charge any "Setup Fees" or Credit Card Processing Fees for any of our Audits

It's A "No-Lose" Situation

Commission Only-Pricing

SOARR only gets "paid" for what we recover in additional revenue for your portfolio... If SOARR Audits a property and fails to provide ANY additional revenue... Our Services are FREE.

Unlock Your Commission Rate Today

What Current Hotel Partner's Of SOARR Are Saying...
Our management company contracted with SOARR and within weeks we had realized over $50K in revenue. Amazing service, very pleased with the findings, SOARR's communication and execution.

Eric M - VP, Management Group

Once SOARR started their audit, we quickly had thousands of unclaimed OTA revenue. Team was professional in assisting on property staff. Process is simple, nice to add a few thousand in top line.

Nic P - GM, Ohio

SOARR recently performed a proof of concept audit. As a new property we were skeptical that we had outstanding revenue. In a few days we had the results of $8.5K in Expedia uncollected revenue.

Don G - Owner, Texas

Common Questions

Is SOARR A Software/Data Scrubbing Program?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT - SOARR's OTA Revenue Recovery Audits are completed by a team of highly-skilled auditors, working around-the-clock to complete your portfolio's audit with 100% accuracy, as quickly as possible. Everything from disputing refunds on non-refundable reservations, re-activating virtual credit cards and  double-checking the math of EACH reservation, is handled internally by our team.

This allows our hotel partners to remain compliant with any Terms and Conditions set forth by an OTA preventing an "Outside Software" from being directly integrated with an OTA's Extranet Poral.  

What Brands Does SOARR Work With?

SOARR partners with any branded or independent properties AROUND THE WORLD. If a hotel  is listed on Expedia, or Priceline/Agoda and receives Virtual Credit Cards (VCC's) for prepaid reservations, chances are, we can assist them recover missing revenue they are unaware of, and deliver funds back to their P&L's

How Do I Reccieve My Hotel's Recovered Revenue?

We've made it EASY to add funds back to your hotel's "Bottom Line" - During the initial onboarding setup process, our New Accounts Coordinator will setup either checks to mailed to the property, an off-site address OR ACH Deposit for each hotel.

Our Entire Company was founded on the basis of creating a Simple and Effortless Way to Boost a Hotel's Overall Revenue Performance.  

Team Overview

Our Executive Leadership Team

Michael Ferrer, Founder/CEO

Ryan NeGron, VP-Sales & Marketing

Abby Porter - Director-Client Experience

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